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Basic definitions

The Daynight Games company and its affiliated entities (hereinafter referred to as «Daynight Games», «We») give high respect to privacy rights and pay a lot of attention to preservation of information about users provided. We are committed to not collecting personally identifiable or sensitive information about you. Our products do collect some non-sensitive, anonymous data as outlined below.

Data collected for analytics

We have implemented analytics tools to help us understand how our products are being used in order to help us improve our products and plan for future product releases. For example we track of how many users made an in-app purchase, device type, operating system and country of access.

Data collected for advertising

Because some of Daynight Games products are free-to-use, we periodically display in-product advertising by third parties to generate revenue. In order to display relevant advertising (also known as interest based advertising) and measure performance of advertising campaigns we have implemented several ad-network SDK within the product which collect and transfer non-sensitive device information including:

Why collect data?

By collecting data on app usage and about your device and location, we are better able to integrate updates, implement device specific testing, explore localisation opportunities and make better products that are tailored to our user's needs. When we offer our products as free-to-use, we still require the product to generate income to help fund development costs and efforts to make the best product possible. Advertising is one way we can help cover our costs, and in order to implement relevant advertising a certain amount of non-sensitive information is required by each ad network.

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Third party

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Last updated on December 21, 2018